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Mist Valley is a first person survival horror game inspired by classical horror titles.


  • Survival Horror Experience: There is no defense against the many horrors that await you. If you want to survive, sometimes running will be your best option.
  • Immersive Graphics: Explore a disturbing world that is nothing but a mere shadow of the one we know.
  • Investigate and hide: Beings who defy your sanity are haunting you. Are they outsiders, coming from an unknown world beyond the imagination? Or is the answer much more disturbing? Unravel a mystery going back to the origins of everything you know, even if you have to travel to the darkest places of the human mind in order to do so. Some answers are not meant to be found.
  • Gameplay: Along the way, your wits and courage will be tested. Find clues and interact with your environment to solve enigmas that will always be fully integrated with the story as you experience it.
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Mist Valley features a complex plot, heavily influenced by Lovecraft's legacy and movies such as Jacob's Ladder or The Fog. While we won't spoil it yet, we can tell you a bit about the location's background.

In November, 1692, a massive series of witch trials were celebrated at the town of Mist Valley, somewhere near Minnesota. Over the course of multiple weeks, up to 1131 residents were tried and convicted guilty.

The case began when a group of young girls between 9 and 12 years old experienced several cases of seizures and convulsions. Testimonies and accusations were directed against a local woman said to engage in wizardry, which prompted the local judge to order her arrest. Far from relieving the situation, new cases of witchcraft and missing girls and women would be reported each night, raising an atmosphere of fear and hysteria that gradually infected the whole town.

The situation escalated while new culprits would be accused, tried, found guilty and executed, usually in the span of a single day. The incredible figure of 1131 condemned would have been reached when the trials finished abruptly—by the big fire of 1692. If rumours are to be believed, the fire was started by the authorities themselves, perhaps as some kind of sick attempt to ‘purify’ what remained of the town’s tainted residents. Tales of the thick fog of smoke and cinder, where cries of the dying agony resonated between crackling flames and twisting shadows, permeated the local culture and are still heard even today.

The town was eventually rebuilt one and many times, but would never overcome its dreadful past, as a series of misfortunes—real or made up—would bring it down once and again. It is today a favourite topic in occult circles, a black legend inflated with the many cases of incidents and missing people said to be frequent in the vicinities. The modern myth frequently mentions the thick fog, where laments and weeps can still be heard. It is said that people who venture inside will disappear forever, as if they had crossed a sinister gate to places unknown.


As big fans of the survival horror genre, we appreciate the modern offerings, but we feel like there is something missing. The modern commercial titles (at least, those that have not been cancelled or made into action shooters) can't compare to the classics, and even in a genre that is well stocked with indie titles, you will still find many fans whose favorite title is still Silent Hill 2, for example.

Mist Valley is our chance to change the state of things. We want to create a terrifying adventure where story, environment and gameplay integrate in a single experience. We want a world were nightmares exists and are active pursuers and menaces, instead of scripted cardboad jump scares. We want our gameplay back, where the game over screen is overcomed with wits and skill and is not the result of a random number generator. We want a rich background in a handcrafted, detailed world, instead of handholding and cutscenes. And we want you to be afraid of death, in a world where its creators are not afraid of dispensing it.

In other words, we want to go back to the genre's roots, disregarding the current trends. And that's why we need your help. We're passionate about making a game with no compromises, and Kickstarter gives us a chance to share that passion with you. Only your support can make this game a reality that grows to its full potential.

Let's make the survival horror experience we've been all dying to play!